One Week Figma Prototype

Learn how to build high-fidelity clickable prototypes in Figma in a week. No prior experience required.

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Learn. Build. Repeat.

The experience

One week. Two projects.

⭐️ One week from start to finish. The most efficient and effective way to level up your product design skills

⭐️ Two hands-on projects. Learn the fundamentals of Figma and build a prototype of your choice

⭐️ Expert instructional content. Curated by
Jeff Fan, former Head of Design at Ubiquity 6. Jeff also designed for Ro, Poshly, and Ironclad

⭐️ Peer accountability. Work with a group of motivated learners to get past the finish line

⭐️ Made for non-designers. Rapidly convert your product ideas into interactive prototypes


This class is all about rollin' up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty, all while being supported by a wonderful community. Highly recommend to anyone interested in learning design or brushing up on their skills. 10 out of 10, would take again!
Matt Lock - Entrepreneur in Residence
I’m still amazed by how much I learned in one week and how confident I became using Figma. By the end of the course, I felt super proud of my final prototype and my new skills!
Daniela Balaguera - Computer Science Undergraduate Student
Really enjoyed how it's async so you can work at your own pace while still having a cohort peer group. The materials are well thought out and the entire experience was very expertly crafted from beginning to end.
Arundhati Dutta - Product Lead

One Week Syllabus

Expert instruction, peer accountability, and hands-on projects

Project 1: Uber for Dogs

You will learn the fundamentals of Figma by building a prototype of an ultra-hyped (fictitious) app for dog lovers called Shiba, the Uber for Dogs. You’ll receive detailed video instructions that will teach you components, auto layout, color/text styles, interactions, grid systems, and more.
Estimated time to complete: 5 hours


Project 2: Build Your Own Prototype

This is the perfect chance to bring your product ideas to life. If you don't have a product idea, we'll provide a default. Leverage our library of common design patterns, free UI kits, icons, and advanced tutorials in Figma.

Estimated time to complete: 7 hours


Final Project Demo

Share in the glory of crossing the finish line with your peers! Students can optionally share a video demo of their projects and get feedback.

Screen Shot 2020-09-23 at 6.04.17 PM.png


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